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All Home Inspections for Home Purchase

What to expect: The all-over home inspection is performed by a licensed and insured private home inspector who has successfully completed a course in home inspections. This home inspector has strong general knowledgeable of everything regarding a home, but not generally an expert at any one thing. They will inspect the entire home which is typically completed in the first ten days following mutual...

What is Delaying My Home from Selling?

Do you keep reading articles about the severe lack of home inventory while your home listing remains on the market months after you’ve listed? This could be due to many circumstances, some out of your control, but it is good to analyze what circumstances you do have control over. You can then leverage these options to help attract the right buyer. Price This is a tightrope balance that needs...

Hiring an Anacortes Realtor or selling by owner?

Why Do I Need an Anacortes Realtor?

Are you contemplating selling your home in Anacortes yourself? When marketing your home you will find a huge challenge in today’s digital world along with many other challenges. Considering an Anacortes Realtor to determine price and go over the process will prove to be valuable in answering many of your questions....

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