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Overlooking Samish Bay on the west end of Skagit Valley is an unincorporated community that is too cute to pass up.  It is tucked in between the potato fields and country roads, but well worth exploring.  When the railroad came through, there was a population explosion in this area, and inspired by that, the town’s founder, William J. Brown, decided the place should be named Bow after a large railway station in London, England.  Or maybe it was named after another early town settler, James T. Bow.  To this day, the Bow Hill Railroad, a narrow gauge replica, stands on a piece of private property, perhaps in homage to Bow’s earliest times.

It is probably because this area is incredibly fertile and produces delicious gifts for the surrounding areas that foodies have this town in their sights.  The farmer’s market is filled with delectable produce and products fashioned by locals, and farm-to-table lunches are prized at Tweets.  Breadfarm Bakery and Samish Bay Cheese goods are treasured picnic staples.  And there are lots of scenic areas to take that picnic basket to!  Chuckanut Drive hugs the cliffside on the bay, Mount Baker isn’t very far off to the east, and several state and national parklands entice bird watchers and boaters to get outside.  Every April, the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival brings out the best in the local farms and businesses.  And as if all that weren’t enough, the schools here are excellent.

You can find single-family homes from $200,000 all the way up into the millions, dependent upon the view and the acreage.  Or you can find your own farmland to homestead or a view lot to erect a castle to die for.  Wherever you happen to settle, you will be glad you decided to veer off the beaten path, and put down roots in the charming community that is Bow, Washington.

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