Why Do I Need an Anacortes Realtor?

Hiring an Anacortes Realtor or selling by owner?

Are you contemplating selling your home in Anacortes yourself? When marketing your home you will find a huge challenge in today’s digital world along with many other challenges. Considering an Anacortes Realtor to determine price and go over the process will prove to be valuable in answering many of your questions. Your buyer’s search for a new home will begin on the Internet. How do you get your home with great photography inside and out? And then displayed on the Internet and on multiple real estate web sites? Mapping with complete and accurate information is important in order to bring that person to your door.

A professional and expeienced Anacortes Realtor is worth the expense.
Hire an experienced Anacortes Realtor to sell your home.

To generate a potential buyer, you have to make your home accessible at all hours of the day and evening. Your home needs to be showing ready for when they call. Did you know that buyers do not pay for the services of a Realtor? For the buyer to be fully represented in negotiations from a trained professional Anacortes Realtor they pay zero! The buyer’s agent and companies commission is paid by the seller. So even as a for sale by owner you will, most likely, be paying a discounted commission to that buyer’s agent if you want them to bring you a buyer. And as a buyer, why would you not seek representation and the services of a Anacortes Realtor?

It can be awkward showing your home to a buyer. You then to have to transition from talking to writing an offer. Even if you have all the necessary forms,  your buyers have no idea where to start with filling them out. Additionally these contracts average 30 pages. Are you comfortable enough to navigate through all of that paperwork?

An Anacortes Realtor for a Smooth Sale

Sure enough, there are sellers who succeed at closing their own sale of their home.  But, as most Anacortes Realtors will tell you, their real work begins after the home is under contract. The road to the closing table is complicated, and difficult to say the least. Ca Realtor’s wealth of experience is irreplaceable for this stretch of the process.

More transactions fail without the help of a Realtor than succeed to close. Statistically, if successful they will sell for less than what a Realtor would have sold it for. In turn, covering the extra cost for the professional. The added liability alone should convince any homeowner to not go it alone and unrepresented. A Realtor listing your home is bound by law to do it correctly.  Furthermore, to guide you through the process, represent you and your best interest and to negotiate the best price for you. They carry errors and omissions insurance that protects them if they do make a mistake, but this rarely happens. Most notable, Realtors are well educated professionals that do their jobs well for their clients.

Here are a few factors to help you decide whether or not you need an Anacortes Realtor:

A) The Necessity of a Listing Agent

Of course, with enough patience and determination you may be able to find a buyer for your property. Some sellers are even lucky enough to land buyers almost immediately after they stick a sign in the yard. However, statistics show that 22% of the time, a listing agent helps a seller net more on the bottom line. Needless to say, Realtors are equipped with market data and useful information needed. Especially when setting a price for your property along with their expert guidance through the process.

Below are a few key factors on why you need representation in selling your home

  • A seller’s market gives you more power and will grant you the highest chances of attracting buyers. Are you prepared to handle a multi offer situation?
  • Most buyers have Realtors representing them. Hiring an Anacortes Realtor to list your home will put you on an even advantage.
  • A market analysis will provide you with a full range of marketing. Without a doubt a licensed  Anacortes Realtor can provide you a thorough CMA
  • Most Realtors use marketing/advertising experts in both print and digital. Which in turn makes it possible to catch the attention of more potential buyers.

B) Added Value Brought to a Transaction by a Listing Agent

Interview more than one Anacortes Realtor to sell your home.
Should you hire an Anacortes Realtor?

We all have seen similar houses in the same neighborhood selling for different prices. Most higher valued homes are better maintained and manicured than lower priced properties.  At the end of the day, it all comes down to the strategies employed by the listing agent. Above everything else, smart preparation, good negotiation skills, and experience will get you a higher sales price. A good listing agent will advise you on what you need to improve or change to increase your property’s value.

Below are attributes that every listing agent should possess:

  • Ability to take professional photographs. Hire a professional photographer to create high-quality photos and well-orchestrated virtual tours of your home
  • Access to the internet and social media advertisement platforms for all mobile devices
  • Access to relevant resources, from inspectors to painters
  • Adeptness at negotiations of offers and counter offers
  • Access to interested buyers
  • Availability for private showings and feedback
  • Superior marketing strategies exhibited by a decent track record
  • A strong understanding of the laws of real estate and agency

C) A Realtor to Represent You

Consequently, Buyer’s agents must not only expedite the buying process but also ensure that their clients get the best representation. Your buyer’s agent should have your best interest at heart and, care for your satisfaction throughout the transaction. Hiring an Anacortes Realtor as your buyer’s agent gives you a competitive edge in a seller’s market. Additionaly, in most cases, you pay nothing to hire a buyer’s agent!

A condensed list of what buyer’s agents do are as follows:

  • They educate the buyer on current market conditions. This knowledge will allow the buyer to make an informed decision on the offering price
  • A buyer’s agent can provide or direct you to resources for in-depth neighborhood information. Providing you with stats such as crime rates, amenities, community faculties and more
  • Their job is to listen to your needs and to make sure you have what you need to make an offer. While all the while cautioning you against bad choices.
  • They sort through active listings and aid buyers to narrow down their searches.
  • A buyer’s agent will handle the ins and outs of the negotiation process. As well as handling all necessary paperwork to get you to the closing table

In conclusion, Many buyers make the mistake of assuming that a listing agent of their desired property can represent them as well.  But, matter of fact, contracted to represent the seller is the agent on the sign. A listing agent can write up your offer, but it is their job to always represent the seller. The seller hired the agent to protect the best interests.  This includes obtaining the highest price for the seller, per their contract.

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2 thoughts on “Why Do I Need an Anacortes Realtor?”

  • Derek Mcdoogle

    In your article, you stated that to generate a potential buyer, you have to make your home accessible at all hours of the day and evening and your home needs to be showing ready for when they call. My cousin and his wife have been trying to sell their home for the last two months but haven’t had a lot of success. I wonder what type of system a realtor uses to help your house become more visible.

    • Jacki Mayo

      A Realtor will help to arrange a home to create more space, better traffic flow with an emphasis on decluttering. A Realtor will also help with what project will help to improve your marketing and others that won’t contribute. I find many Seller’s take on projects that are not of benefit for marketing but other areas they don’t even think of. A Realtor can help a seller to locate the problem areas that need attention and other areas that is a waste of time and money.

      Then there is the proper digital marketing that is essential for a marketing real estate with 98% or more of home buyer’s starting their search on the internet.

      Even in a good market, your price needs to be right. You want to compete with other homes on the market not help to sell them.

      The Mayo Home Team can help with all of the above with no cost to the seller. We provide these services with the hopes we will get the listing or we can help the seller to generate a buyer. Feel free to call, text or email us if we can be of service.


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